UBS Macro Monthly - May 2021

Navigating the return of inflation risk

For now, the mere re-emergence of inflation risk is the more pressing consideration for investors, not what…

UBS Macro Monthly - March 2021

Key macro curves confirm more procyclical strength

We believe that we have found ample evidence to support our risk-on, procyclical bias and optimism…

UBS Macro Monthly - February 2021

The market will test the Fed. The Fed will win.


  • In coming months, the market may confuse the Federal Reserve’s increasing bullishness…

UBS Panorama "Investing 2021" vom 26.11.2020

Change? Or more of the same...

Many companies are on their knees, but some parts of the economy have actually never had it better, leading to…

UBS Investing in Climate Aware Solutions vom 18.09.2020

Investing in Climate Aware solutions

Committing to climate change is no longer optional, it is essential.
Become a Climate Aware investor.


UBS "Are you climate aware?" vom 13.08.2020

Are you climate aware?

Ten index investor questions about managing climate risk

Passive equity investors face a variety of options for bringing…

UBS "quantitative investments" Juli 2020

Quantitatively speaking

ESG integration in quantitative investments

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing was once a nice-to-have but…

UBS - Becoming climate aware

Mobilizing capital to help meet climate change goals: an investor’s perspective.

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Mit Chinas Wandel wachsen

Entdecken Sie die Aktienfondspalette der UBS für Anlagen in China.

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Pressemitteilung vom 09.09.2019

Fondsmanager-Interview mit Bruno Bertocci, Fondsmanager des UBS Long Term Themes, über demografische Megatrends sowie die Anlagestrategie des UBS Long…